200 Tons of Humanitarian Aid Ready to Go to Gaza, Palestine Via the Red Sea

200 Tons of Humanitarian Aid Ready to Go to Gaza, Palestine Via the Red Sea. KRI Dr Rajiman Wediodiningrat was finally officially sent to Gaza Palestine. from kolinlamil North Jakarta on Thursday 18 January 2024. In the context of distributing humanitarian aid. The release of the KRI was carried out by the Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto. The humanitarian aid came from various elements of society, amounting to more than 200 tons.

Aid in the form of food, medicine, blankets and tents will be delivered to Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip, who have been affected by Israel’s war against Hamas, which has continued to rage since October 7 2023. The Ministry of Defense on Wednesday evening 17 January 2024 confirmed that the ship made by PT PAL, which is only 1 year old, will carry out its first humanitarian mission abroad on Thursday 18 January 2024.

Based on the official press release from the Indonesian Navy, the aid brought by the ship also took the form of foodstuffs, blankets, clothing, baby equipment, women’s clothing, women’s equipment, milk, field tents, cleaning supplies, mineral water, religious equipment, and so on. . All humanitarian aid is for Gaza residents who are victims of Israeli military attacks.

The ship carrying humanitarian aid from the Indonesian people will depart for Al-Aris port in Egypt. After that, the aid will be distributed to victims of the Gaza conflict by competent authorities such as the Egyptian Red Crescent.

Prabowo said that the task carried out by the goodwill task force in bringing humanitarian aid to ports in Egypt was quite dangerous. Because the ship they are carrying will pass through a war area. Namely in the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea. Now Aden is in open war. “In the Gulf of Aden, as a country that supports Palestine, we do not feel that we have enemies with Yemen. And we are also a non-aligned country or have good relations with several countries there.” said Prabowo.

On the other hand, he said, the Indonesian Navy soldiers who were tasked with carrying the aid were in good moral condition and also disciplined. The Indonesian government has also asked Yemen to oversee the security of the KRI Dr Rajiman Wediodiningrat’s traffic to Gaza.