Amazon and Google Prepare for Mass Layoffs, Is This Due to Artificial Intelligence?

Amazon and Google Prepare for Mass Layoffs, Is This Due to Artificial Intelligence?. Tech giants Google and Amazon are facing a storm of layoffs. Both simultaneously announced plans to cut employees. Amazon revealed it would make major employee cuts in its streaming division. Especially on Prime video.

In an internal note, Amazon stated their intention to continue improving efficiency until 2024. After experiencing mass layoffs over the last 2 years. | In line with Amazon, Google also took similar steps by carrying out layoffs which affected hundreds of employees in the Google Assistant devices and Services division this week. This step is a continuation of changes to the organizational structure that began in mid-2023.

Fitbit founders James Park and Eric Friitman also left Google following these layoffs. The change in direction in Google’s business is associated with the development trend of artificial intelligence or AI technology. In the race to develop Generative AI technology, almost all the giant technology companies are looking to apply it to profitable new products.

In October 2023, Google plans to add Generative AI features from Chatbot Part to Google Virtual Assistant. With the aim of providing similar capabilities to AI Platforms. Examples include GPT Chat on Virtual Assistants on devices based on the Google operating system.