America Hasn’t Congratulated Prabowo Here’s Why

America Hasn’t Congratulated Prabowo Here’s Why. The President of the United States has not officially congratulated Prabowo Subianto on his superior vote share in the 2024 presidential election. Meanwhile, the President of Russia and the Chinese ambassador have congratulated Prabowo. The United States government said it would offer congratulations at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, Prabowa’s relations with the United States have experienced ups and downs. Prabowo’s track record when he was Commander of the TNI Kopassus special forces in the New Order era was in America’s spotlight at that time. Prabowo is considered responsible for the enforced disappearance of a number of activists from 1997 to 1998. One of the international media once wrote that Prabowo was refused entry to America in March 2014 when he wanted to attend the graduation ceremony of his son Regowo Hedi Prasetyo or Didit.

At that time, America blacklisted Prabowo, because they considered him to have a background in human rights violations. America’s attitude has changed since President Jokowi appointed Prabowo as Minister of Defense. In 2019, since becoming Minister of Defense, Prabowo’s relations with America have improved. He was even invited by America to visit their country.

Reporting from Prabowo went to America at least twice. Meeting with the United States Secretary of Defense. The two Defense Ministers agreed to strengthen the countries’ bilateral relations. Various defense meetings have also been held more than 220 times. Even Prabowa and the United States Minister of Defense also held multilateral exercises.