Australia Is Complicit In Genocide In Gaza

Australia Is Complicit In Genocide In Gaza

Australia Is Complicit In Genocide In Gaza. A team of Australian lawyers filed a complaint against Prime Minister Anthony Albanes at the international criminal court, accusing him of involvement in Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Birchgrove Legal, which brought the case, said the team spent months documenting Prime Minister Albanes’ alleged involvement and individual criminal responsibility.

Australia Is Complicit In Genocide In Gaza. Quoted from Anadolu on Wednesday 6 March 2024. The 92-page complaint document supported by more than 100 Australian lawyers and advocates has been submitted to the office of ICC Prosecutor Karim Kankace.

Albanes said he rejected the case, saying the legal team had absolutely no credibility. According to Brichgrove Legal documents submitted to the ICC outline a number of Actions taken by Prime Minister Anthony Albanes and other ministers and members of parliament.

Foreign Minister Wong and the opposition leader are also included in the document and need to be considered and investigated by prosecutors. The document also contains a freeze in Australian funds amounting to 6 million dollars to UN aid agencies operating in Gaza. UNRWA.

The whistleblowers accused Canberra of providing military aid and approving the export of defense equipment to Israel that the iIDF could use to commit genocide. The group also accused the Albanese government of ambiguous use of the AIA military group in the region. Australian troops also assisted the United States and Britain in their offensive against Yemen’s Houthi group in the Red Sea in reaction to Tel Aviv’s war on Gaza. Brichgrove Legal stated that Canberra had explicitly or implicitly permitted Australian citizens to travel to Israel to join the IDF. Canberra has also been accused of providing political support for Israel’s actions. This can be seen from the political statements of Albanes and other members of parliament, including the opposition leader.