Boeing 737 Max Passed FAA Audit in US

Boeing 737 Max Passed FAA Audit in US

Boeing 737 Max Passed FAA Audit in US. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States conducted an audit of Boeing 737 Max production. After the explosion of Alaska Airlines last January. From this audit, Boeing was declared to have passed 56 items out of 89 product audits tested.

United States air safety regulators discovered a series of problems at Boeing facilities. This was discovered after a 6-week audit of Boeing 737 max production.

The Federal Aviation Administration began investigating after one of the door panels on a Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft belonging to Alaska Airlines exploded in early January 2024. | Based on the results of the FAA investigation, it was revealed that there were many problems found by the auditors. The FAA auditor’s report stated that of the 89 product audits conducted by Boeing, Boeing 737 max passed 56 tests and failed 33 tests.

During the audit, which was carried out over 6 weeks, the FAA also conducted 13 product audits that focused on the spirit of the Aero system. Namely the manufacturer of the fuselage for the Boeing 737 MAX. Of this number, only six audits were deemed to have passed. While seven others failed.

Previously at the end of February the FAA gave 90 days to develop a plan to improve quality control, and at almost the same time an expert panel report on Boeing found problems between senior management and employees regarding safety culture.

The panel’s report was required by the United States Congress after two crashes in 2018 and 2019. Both crashes involved Boeing 737 Max planes and killed all 346 passengers and crew.