Copilot Microsoft’s Latest Innovations. More Sophisticated Than GPT Chat

Copilot Microsoft’s Latest Innovations. More Sophisticated Than GPT Chat. Microsoft has launched its latest innovation, namely by launching the Copilot application which is equipped with more sophisticated features than Chat GPT, and is available on iOS and Android. So what is the difference between the Copilot application available on Android or iOS and GPT chat?.

Microsoft has officially launched the copilot application for iPhone and iPad. A few days earlier Android also released this AI chatbot. Copilot, which was previously called Bing Chat, has been renamed, because Microsoft apparently wants this screen to be an independent entity.

The copilot service has a web version available from Bing and is already on Android and iPhone, even on Windows 10 and 11. The difference lies in the copilot app being supported by Ford’s GPT. The newest Language Mode that Open AI has to offer. Meanwhile, the free version of GPT chat uses GPT 3.5 where users must subscribe to Chat GPT plus to access GPT 4. Apart from that, the Copilot application can convert text into images in various styles. Starting from abstract to realistic photos.

The copilot application has the following advantages:

  1. New Multi Modal with search Grounding. Now Microsoft can combine GPT for vision, Bing image search, and web data, to provide better insights to answer questions.
  2. Interpreter Code. One of these features that is in GPT chat is in copilot. This allows us, to complete complex tasks, such as more precise calculations. Coding, data analysis, visualization, mathematics and various other things.
  3. Deep Search. This feature leverages GBT 4 to provide more thorough descriptions, and provide more relevant search results on demand and will be coming to Bing soon.
  4. Copilot On Phone. Microsoft copilot can be accessed via mobile devices. All of Copilot’s latest features can be enjoyed directly on your cellphone at no additional cost.
  5. Build Your Copilot. This feature features their comprehensive conversation design studio and integration, and can be extended into Microsoft 365. Users can build copilots to suit their own needs. You can enjoy these five advantages in the Copilot application which is available on iOS and Android. Don’t forget to follow to get notifications about broader technology information.