Germany Is Developing Solar Power Technology Output Could Increase by 20%

Germany Is Developing Solar Power Technology Output Could Increase by 20%

Germany is developing solar power technology Output could increase by 20%. In the past, the solar power trend emerged because of subsidies provided by Germany. However, many solar power manufacturing companies then moved to China. This new solar power innovation may bring back Germany’s former glory.

Now it’s time for a test run. The latest generation of solar cells will be mass produced in Germany. These solar cells are touted as a technological revolution, because they will increase energy output by up to 20%. This pilot plant could be expanded to produce up to ten million solar cells per year. And demand is high. In Germany, the history of solar technology development has gone through ups and downs. It all started with huge government subsidies. But Germany then lost its manufacturing advantage.

After this technology developed, German factories were no longer able to compete. The largest Photovoltaic manufacturers are now in Asia. But Europe wants to regain energy independence. And the question? Is that possible? This increase in investment was seen at a symposium in Berlin, which brought together local officials and energy companies. | Oxford PV’s chief financial officer was also there. The Brandenburg pilot project received almost 185 billion Rupiah in public financing.

Nearly 1.7 trillion Rupiah was invested in the pilot plant. And Oxford PV has even bigger plans. Subsidies and other incentives will also be discussed in the evaluation. Many countries hope that the latest technology can provide benefits to them. So, where will Oxford’s new solar giant factory be built, in Europe or in the United States? Can and does the European Union need to compete with it.

Discussions and negotiations are still ongoing behind closed doors, and the stakes are very high, because until now solar energy is still the cheapest and most important renewable energy.