Germany Opens Many job Vacancies, Especially In The IT Sector

Germany Opens Many job Vacancies, Especially In The IT Sector

Germany opens many job vacancies, especially in the IT sector. Are you good at information technology? Come on, come to Germany and put your skills to use! Here you will find many job opportunities in the fields of: software development, application management, information technology security, data science, and cybersecurity. The most popular programming languages ​​include: Even if you don’t have formal professional qualifications, you can apply for a special work visa for IT specialists. Requirements: A definite job offer in the IT field, at least three years of professional experience in the IT field, and German language skills of at least B1 level. If you have completed formal training, that training must be recognized in Germany.

If you already have a job offer, apply for a work visa for skilled workers. If you haven’t received a job offer in Germany and want to look for one in Germany, you need a job seeker visa. Are you a university graduate? You may qualify for the European Union’s “Blue Card”! IT experts from the European Union or EEA (European economic area) automatically have the right to work in Germany. In Germany, IT specialists earn a net salary of around 3,600 euros (Rp. 60 million). That number is considered above average in Germany. Are you a nurse and want to work in Germany? First of all, you must get recognition for your professional qualifications. Your training should be equivalent to a three-year nursing program in Germany. What matters here is where you got your degree or certificate, not your nationality.

Don’t be discouraged if your qualifications are not recognized. You can take an assessment test or take an adaptation course. Assessment tests test theoretical and practical knowledge, while adaptation training takes longer and must include additional knowledge. Sufficient knowledge of German at least level B1. This is important because you have to be able to communicate with patients. You must also obtain a statement from a German doctor that you are physically and mentally fit to work in the nursing field. Additionally, you must prove that you are trustworthy and have no criminal record. A Police Record Certificate from your country of origin or from Germany is sufficient.

The gross salary for a nurse is around 2,500 euros (Rp. 40 million) per month, or around 1,750 euros (Rp. 28 million) after taxes and deductions. To illustrate: The average cost of living in Germany is 1,700 euros (Rp. 27 million) per month for single people. Germany is in dire need of truck drivers. The good news: You don’t need years of professional training to become a truck driver in Germany! However, there are two requirements: First, a truck driving license issued by a member state of the European Union or European Economic Area. Second, you have to pass another test, namely the Basic Qualification of the European Union or European Economic Area for Commercial Use.

There are no training requirements. The amount of training you need depends on your knowledge of things like road safety, cargo securing, health and safety regulations, and environmentally friendly working practices. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can still get a visa to come to Germany and look for work as a truck driver. You need: First: a driver’s license from your home country.

Within six months of your arrival in Germany, you must replace your home country driving license with a German driving license. Second: A company that guarantees that you get a job as a truck driver and gives you the opportunity to achieve the required basic qualifications within 15 months. During this time you cannot work as a truck driver, but the company will give you another job. Third: German language skills, at least level B1, because the basic qualification test is conducted in German. In Germany, the average truck driver earns around 2,700 euros (Rp. 43 million) per month, around 1,870 euros (Rp. 29 million) after taxes and deductions.