Giant Bunkers in Finland Are Like Small Towns, Playing and Sports Places

Giant Bunkers in Finland Are Like Small Towns, Playing and Sports Places

Giant Bunkers in Finland Are Like Small Towns, Playing and Sports Places. Traveling to another world underground in Helsinki, Finland, only takes 30 seconds. It is located at a depth of 30 meters. The network of tunnels and passageways is designed to protect… 900,000 people from rocket attacks, chemical weapons and radioactive exposure.

Precisely if there is a war. If not? Welcome to one of Helsinki’s most loved playgrounds. For children and adults. A hockey pitch and fitness studio, as well as a cafeteria and even a parking lot. Everything is underground. There are even people who celebrate their birthdays here. This is everyday life for us, because we know there are bunkers underground.

For us, this is normal, so we don’t think about it anymore. There are many underground worlds like this in Helsinki. The bunker in Hakaniemi City is one of the largest in Helsinki. The area is equivalent to two football stadiums. That’s the statement from the Head of the Disaster Management Agency. If war occurs, this playing area can immediately be converted into a bunker to protect against air attacks.

In a normal scenario, the bunker can be used for several hours to several days. In many bunkers it can take even longer. However, staying here also causes problems. One of the biggest is the temperature of the human body. Me alone, for example, produces around 100 Watts of heat. If in an emergency situation 6,000 people were forced to stay here, that could be a problem. However, not in Helsinki.

The city sits on a plate consisting of granite and gneiss. The bunker was dug into layers of rock underground. The rock layers are not only stable, they are also cold. However, much is still needed. If war occurs, this large space can be converted into small spaces. Depends on needs, so that thousands of people can live in the long term. Here there will be people who die, as well as babies being born. There will be people who are sick, happy, and sad. It’s like living in a society, but in a bunker.

Finland has a border with Russia that is 1,300 km long. The country long refused to become a member of NATO. However, now it has changed. Since half a year ago, Finland is a member of the European Union and NATO. The war caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine has changed the Finnish people. Most feel the need for protection and security. Finnish people adhere to stoicism. We know that this risk has existed for a long time, since Finland declared independence.

This could already be seen during World War II, when the Soviet Union tried to control our country. It could happen again in the future. We know it, but don’t think about it every day, and we’re not afraid of it either. We do the work with the hope of never needing it. However, we still have to do it. History has shown that such things can happen. Helsinki residents wanted to be prepared for that possibility, and protected themselves in bunkers at a depth of 30 meters below ground level.