Hezbollah Fires 62 Rockets At Israeli Military Base

Hezbollah Fires 62 Rockets At Israeli Military Base. The war situation with Israel is getting hotter on the Lebanese border. Hezbollah troops bombard Israel’s Northern Territory with their bombs. Hezbollah troops are targeting thousands of Israeli settlers who have taken refuge in northern Israel.

Hezbollah also reportedly targeted one of the Israeli occupation forces’ two air traffic control bases, with 62 precision rockets. All Hezbollah fighters targeted ground control bases. on Mount Jermak.

Because of this attack, Israeli troops now no longer have other alternatives as a control center. Hezbollah also admitted that Hezbollah would continue to carry out more frightening actions targeting military centers, security centers and political centers.

Along with the rain of bombs from Hezbollah, firefights also occurred between Hezbollah troops and Israeli troops. The shootout occurred when United States and European Union officials visited the conflict area to prevent the escalation of the war in Gaza from spreading throughout the Middle East.