Hezbollah Rains Israel 40 New Tactics Rockets To Take Out Iron Dome

Hezbollah Rains Israel 40 New Tactics Rockets To Take Out Iron Dome. The Lebanese Hezbollah militant group fired dozens of Katyusha rockets at Israel in the early hours of Saturday 13 April. This massive attack occurred amid increasing rumors that Iran would retaliate against Israel for killing two IRGC generals and destroying its consulate building in Damascus, Syria some time ago.

This massive missile fire was directed at Galilee along with warning sirens. This attack was carried out when a number of Israeli air forces carried out training and simulations to face an Iranian attack. Iranian proxies reportedly used 40 Katyusha rockets against Israeli defense forces artillery positions in the Galilee. Israel claims some of the rockets were intercepted by the iron dome, but a number of others managed to penetrate the defenses and destroy the Galilee region.

During the incident, there was a roar, including as a result of falling shrapnel from the iron dome defense missile interception. Even though it did not cause damage to Israel, there is an analysis that the Hezbollah attack that flooded Israel was not intended to cause damage. It was allegedly to deplete the IDF’s stock of air defense missiles, before Iran launched the main attack. Iran said hundreds of cruise missiles had been prepared in retaliation for Israel’s bombing of its embassy in Syria. Hundreds of cheap drones are also ready. Iran is believed to be using the clever tactic of using cheap Drones first to get Israel to use its multi-million dollar air defense system.