Hezbollah's Massive Attack on Israel Has Hit Several Targets

Hezbollah’s Massive Attack on Israel Has Hit Several Targets

Hezbollah’s Massive Attack on Israel Has Hit Several Targets. In recent hours, the Lebanese Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah launched attacks on Israeli military posts on the border. Using 30 missiles, Hezbollah attacked Israeli posts massively. Quoted from Iranian media Irna, the attack on Sunday, March 10 2024, hit a number of military equipment used by Israel to carry out surveillance in the area bordering Lebanon. At the same time, Hezbollah attacks were also launched on four Israeli military bases in various locations.

According to Hezbollah’s post on its telegram channel, more than 30 projectiles were fired from several missile launchers. Islamic resistance fighters carried out this operation to retaliate against the enemy’s aggressive attacks on Lebanese settlements, he said, adding that several people were killed or injured in the missile attacks. Shiite fighters also shelled Israeli positions in the settlement of Meron, about 8 km from the border.

A Namer armored vehicle was hit by an anti-tank projectile near the Malkia border post. Apart from that, according to Hezbollah, their attacks also targeted artillery batteries in the Arar area, causing losses. This action was in response to Israeli artillery opening fire on Hezbollah facilities near the Rasaya Al-Fuhar and Deirmimas neighborhoods.

No data on casualties or damage was available. Hezbollah has been involved in operations against Israeli positions on the Lebanese border since October 8, the day after Israel launched its war in Gaza.