Houthi Militants Launched A Sea Drone Containing Explosives In The Red Sea

Houthi militants launched a sea drone containing explosives in the Red Sea on Thursday, January 4 2024. According to the United States, this is the first time the Houthis have used such weapons in recent months. American naval commander in the Middle East. Admiral Brad Cooper said that the Houthi drone exploded before it reached its target. He ensured that no ships were hit and there were no casualties in the incident.

Cooper’s statement is in contrast to claims made by Houthi spokesman General Yahya Sori. According to him, a sea drone managed to hit the Merxgir Graltar container ship. | This attack was carried out after the ship’s crew ignored warnings from the Houthis.

Weapons expert from the Fabian Hins International Institute said that sea drones or USVs are an important part of maritime weapons. This sea drone has been used in previous battles against Saudi Arabian coalition forces that intervened in the Yemen war.

Hins said most of the Houthi USVs were likely assembled in Yemen. However, some components are equipped with components made in Iran.