Israel Attacks Rafah, Iran Prepares To Carry Out A Retaliatory Attack

Israel Attacks Rafah, Iran Prepares To Carry Out A Retaliatory Attack

Israel attacks Rafah, Iran prepares to carry out a retaliatory attack. Israel continues to attempt to launch a precise attack on the city of Rafah, Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Netanyahu is adamant about carrying out the attack, even though Israel’s closest ally, the United States, has rejected it.

Netanyahu’s message came after the Israeli Defense Forces or IDF withdrew Brigade 98 from Gaza. The withdrawal was said to be necessary, so that IDF troops could rest. And rejoined military operations in Gaza.

However, Israel has decided not to send the IDF to Rafah. The decision caused divisions within Netanyahu’s government. For example, national security minister Itamar Benfir threatened to resign from the government, if the IDF did not enter Rafah. Israel claims it will not be able to remove Hamas from Gaza if it does not attack Rafah.

On the other hand, Iran confirmed that it would attack Israel. The Iranian attack will later be a retaliation attack to the Israeli attack on Monday 1 April 2024. The Israeli attack killed several people, one of whom was Iranian General Muhammad Reza Zahedi. Meanwhile, quoted from CBS news, several days ago, intelligence information obtained by the United States stated that Iran was preparing retaliatory action. In Iran’s counterattack, Cinis Shahid drones and cruise missiles may be deployed.

United States officials said they did not yet know when the attack would be carried out and what the targets would be. According to US officials, the attack will probably be launched before the end of Ramadan. However, it is now the end of Ramadan and the attack has not yet been launched.