Latest Mitsubishi Insurance Claim Requirements 2024

Latest Mitsubishi Insurance Claim Requirements 2024

Latest Mitsubishi Insurance Claim Requirements 2024. What are the requirements for car insurance claims? Especially Mitsubishi. But in general, the same as other brands of car insurance terms. There may be slight differences depending on the claim regulations for each car brand.

Let’s go straight to the first suggestion, namely ::

  1. Active Insurance Policy. Usually when we register insurance for our car, the insurance company will provide a policy. If, for example, our car has an accident and we want to make a claim, we must carry the policy.
  2. Active Resident Identification Card. This identity card must match what is named in the insurance policy.
  3. Active Driving License. The driving license for this type of car is flexible. It can be in the name of the direct owner but it can also be in the name of another person who was driving the car at the time of the damage.
  4. Vehicle Registration Certificates with tax still active. For this vehicle registration certificate, make sure the tax has been paid and the validity period is still active. Because if it is no longer active, you usually cannot claim insurance.
  5. Administration fees. Administration fees in general are usually around 35 US dollars for each country, there may be differences in administration fees.

These requirements will be collected and then taken to a Mitsubishi repair shop for the claim process. If an official Mitsubishi workshop already has body repair facilities, it is usually done directly at the Mitsubishi workshop. But if, for example, you don’t have a body repair, you will usually be referred to a partner workshop whose repair results are known to be good.

For the problem of estimating the length of work. The duration of this work depends on the type of damage, the more damage, the longer the work will take. Especially if you touch certain parts that are a bit difficult to get. So this problem of length of work is conditional. This can be consulted and conditioned when initially bringing the car in for repair after a car claim.

1That’s more or less the method or requirements for car insurance claims.

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