More than 60 people were reported killed and 115 people injured

More than 60 people were reported killed and 115 people injured when a number of gunmen opened fire on spectators at the concert hall in Moscow’s Crokus City Hall. Russians seen outside the window. The shooting occurred at the Koku City Hall concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday night.

The attack occurred while people were watching a band’s picnic concert. The famous Russian rock shooting also sparked a fire throughout the Krokus City Hall concert hall. The visitors were being evacuated but a number of people were trapped inside the burning concert hall. As many as 60 people were reported dead and 115 people were being treated in local hospitals, including children, with serious injuries. The shooting victims were evacuated by medical ambulance and helicopter in the area of ​​the Kroku City Hall concert hall.

Meanwhile, firefighters continue to search for victims from inside the building. It is not yet clear who the attackers were at the Kroku City Hall concert hall. This happened on Friday night. On the other hand, Russia’s main investigative agency is investigating. shooting and explosion at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall concert hall as a terrorist attack Russia’s Federal Security Service says 60 people were killed and more than 115 people were injured in the attack on the concert hall. for years no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.