Natuna Airspace is Currently Under Indonesian Control 76 Years of Singapore’s Control

Natuna Airspace is Currently Under Indonesian Control 76 Years of Singapore’s Control. Luhud Binsar Panjaitan conveyed the good news that Indonesia has now taken over the air space of the Riau Islands and Atuna from Singapore. Luhud conveyed this via his personal Instagram account @luhud.panjaitan. On Friday 22 March 2024, Luhud stated that now the air space above the Riau Islands and Natuna at an altitude of 0 to 37,000 feet, is no longer held by Singapore. This was stipulated in the proposal for the transfer of the flight information region or first from Singapore to Indonesia.

With the official implementation of the transfer, the aviation service policy will be increasingly safe, competitive, and attractive. Meanwhile, fir is an area with dimensions In particular, where flight information services and alert services are provided, Fir management in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia by Singapore also started in 1946, the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO stated that Indonesia was not yet able to regulate air traffic in that region, therefore since 1946, Singapore managed Riau Islands region, Tanjung Pinang and Natuna.

Not only that, the defense cooperation agreement and extradition of fugitives between Indonesia and Singapore have also been implemented according to Luhud. All these agreements can be achieved because of good communication between Singapore Prime Minister Lee Henlong and Senior Minister Te Chihang with the government. Indonesia is under the direction of President Joko Widodo.