On Sunday morning, Israeli Strikes Targeted At Least Two Locations In Damascus Province

On Sunday morning, Israeli strikes targeted at least two locations in Damascus province, including a weapons depot. State media reported that a soldier was injured in this attack. Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes against targets in Syria since the civil war broke out in 2011. These airstrikes mainly target Iranian-backed forces, including militants from the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, as well as Syrian army positions. Attacks have increased since Israel’s war with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, an ally of Hezbollah, which began on October 7.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israeli missiles targeted weapons depots belonging to the Syrian military and used by Hezbollah in the Al Lamoun mountains, Damascus province. Another site near an army battalion in the same area was also the target of a fire due to the attack at one of the locations. The state news agency carried a statement from a military source saying that Israel carried out air strikes targeting a number of points. In the south, it said a soldier was injured in the attack, but air defenses shot down several missiles.

Earlier this month, an Israeli strike killed an Iranian revolutionary guard and two other people in Banias on Syria’s Mediterranean coast. The Israeli army said it had hit around 4.