Peter Hansel Shows His Superiority At This Year’s Dakar Rally In Saudi Arabia

Peter Hansel shows his superiority at this year’s Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. Driving an Audi electric car, French racer Stepen Peter Hansel completed the second stage of the Dakar Rally, 463 km from Al-Henakiah to Al-Dwadimi, Saudi Arabia. With this achievement, Peter Hansel was able to beat 9-time world Rally champion Sebastian Loop, with a difference of 29 seconds.

Meanwhile, Setquintero completed the podium for the Toyota team with a difference of 3 minutes 11 seconds. This success was the 50th stage won by Peter Hansel in the car category.

In this way, Peter Hansel was able to equal the record held by Ari Fatanen, a legendary racer from Finland. However, the Dakar event is still a long way off, Peter Hansel still has a big chance to surpass Fatanen’s record this year