Plantix App Helps Indian Farmers To Diagnose Their Crop Health And Provide Solutions

Plantix App Helps Indian Farmers To Diagnose Their Crop Health And Provide Solutions

Plantix App Helps Indian Farmers To Diagnose Their Crop Health And Provide Solutions. If the plants in the field look unhealthy, these farmers take out their cellphones, take a photo of the plants, and immediately find out whether the plants are attacked by disease. The app analyzes the photo and if needed, provides assistance with treatment. Carrying smartphones to the fields along with hoes and shovels has become part of the daily life of Indian farmers.

The potential of digital tools in Indian agriculture is enormous. Nearly half of India’s population works in the agricultural sector. It is very difficult to identify the disease with the naked eye. But the app can do it in seconds, right in the field.

How does it work? The collected data is then processed in Germany by Plantix, which is part of the pharmaceutical company Helm. The founders were students at the University of Hannover, experimenting with tomatoes.

Crop doctors help group unrecognized photos in an image database. This is how artificial intelligence learns so that it can provide recommendations for steps and treatment later. About eight million farmers already use the Plantix app – almost all of them in India. The app’s image database has around 35 million photos of various plant diseases, making its diagnosis very accurate.

If a disease is detected, the app recommends suitable pesticides and shows where they can be purchased. However, local traders do not always have a complete stock of products, which can result in farmers buying the wrong – or even fake – products. This has consequences. Farmers report better yields since using Plantix.

Sandeep Shinde was initially hesitant to entrust his livelihood to artificial intelligence. And how to make money with such apps? There are two versions: One for farmers and one for fertilizer sellers. It would be helpful if an app for farmers generated data on where and when demand for a product increases.

Small-scale farmers in India have enough internet bandwidth via their smartphones, even in rural areas. Using an app like Plantix provides an opportunity to prevent crop failure and ensure a stable income. Artificial intelligence will not replace farmers’ knowledge and experience. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can help farmers make work in the field a little easier.