Receiving Full Support from Christiano Ronaldo The Indonesian National Team is Getting Stronger and Solider

Receiving Full Support from Christiano Ronaldo, the Indonesian National Team is Getting Stronger and Solider. Ahead of facing the South Korean U-23 National Team, the Indonesian U-23 National Team received full support from one of the world’s top players, namely Cristiano Ronaldo. “Warm greetings and good luck to the Indonesian National Team who will compete in the quarter-finals of the U23 Asian Cup against South Korea.” Ronaldo said on his social media.

According to Ronaldo, the Indonesian national team qualifying from the group phase was very special, in fact Indonesia’s escape has become a trending topic in the world. According to Cristiano Ronaldo, the football match against the U-23 Korean National Team was very difficult for the U-23 Indonesian National Team. However, CR7 is confident that the Indonesian U-23 National Team will be able to defeat and qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“I think the match against Korea is very tough, but the ball is round. I’m sure Indonesia aged 23 can be a dark horse in this tournament, to beat South Korea U23.” he said. According to Christiano Ronaldo, the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup is a moment for young players to show off, therefore he hopes that the Indonesian U-23 National Team players can take advantage of the golden opportunity to win the match against the South Korean National Team.

“The whole world is behind them, these young players and this is an opportunity that all starts when they are young, dreams, quality, development and at this stage the U-23 Asian Cup in Qatar is a great opportunity to show their abilities.” Said this senior Portuguese national team player. “Enjoy this opportunity, because not all young people can get it. Take advantage of this opportunity to show yourself, for the Indonesian nation, by winning against South Korea and becoming a very bright future for the Indonesian National Team.” added the world’s top player.

According to the world’s top striker from Portugal, Christiano Ronaldo, the achievement of the U-23 Indonesian national team in reaching the quarter-finals of the 2024 Age 23 Asian Cup was a historic breakthrough. Even Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that he was surprised by the strength of the Indonesian U-23 National Team’s football. Currently, according to Ronaldo, the U-23 Indonesian National Team has shown its class at international level. The Portuguese national team player, better known by CR7, admitted that he was surprised to see the strength of the U-23 Indonesian National Team football.

The Garuda Muda team can reach the quarter-finals of U-23 Asia 2024 even though they are in a very tough group. “I was surprised by this.” He added. The young Garuda coached by coach Shin Tae Yong made history for the first time qualifying for the last 8 of the U-23 Asian Cup. “This is truly an extraordinary achievement.” he added.