Renewable Energy From Turbines Becomes Germany's Only Opportunity on the International Stage

Renewable Energy From Turbines Becomes Germany’s Only Opportunity on the International Stage

Renewable Energy From Turbines Becomes Germany’s Only Opportunity on the International Stage. This company may not be a well-known company, but medium-scale industry is very important to keep the wheels of the German economy turning. However, increasingly expensive energy prices, a lack of skilled workers and overly complicated bureaucracy are burdening German companies.

Can this challenge be overcome?, and if so, how can the metal casting facility be implemented? Simple Come is a typical mid-sized company in western Germany. They cast metal components used in construction machines and waiting wind turbines. Induction smelting requires approximately 55 GB of electricity annually. Equivalent to the needs of a city with 20,000 residents.

So rising energy costs pose a big problem. And also has not received government assistance. One possible solution is to completely move their production overseas. However, for Simple Come, this solution is not an option even though it is increasingly difficult to find work that meets the qualifications.

Most of the employees come from this area and again, competition is getting tougher. Other countries can offer cheaper energy. Easier labor, and lower taxes. Compared to Germany, all these factors make medium-sized companies in Germany even less competitive.

Based on the latest index of 21 countries that are attractive as business locations, the United States, Canada and Sweden are at the top. Germany is ranked 18th. Due to high taxes, Germany occupies the last position in the production location index. Germany also ranks far at the bottom of the index for bureaucratic labor costs and energy costs.

But Germany leads in infrastructure and capital, making wind turbines. It made plans to keep production in Germany. This family business offers a complete service from original concept, to turnover maintenance. tThis year it is expected to double to around 150 million Euros to meet future energy needs.

Germany needs to invest heavily in renewable energy such as wind power, but getting permission to erect a single wind turbine can take up to 7 years. Bureaucracy is also far too slow for Simple Come, which produces parts for wind turbines. These companies are demanding that politicians take action. Now is the time to act if Germany does not want to be left behind.