Tel Aviv Holds The Biggest Demonstration

Tel Aviv holds the biggest demonstration. Says Benjamin Netanyahu is a disaster for Israel. So thousands of Israeli citizens also reportedly demanded his removal from the position of Prime Minister. Reporting from Aljazeerah said that the action was a massive protest.

The demonstration locations were at the Israeli government and Habima Square which is located in the Tel Aviv area. Apart from demanding Netanyahu’s ouster, the protesters also urged the government to call for the release of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas.

As well as an immediate end to the war in Gaza. Not only that, by carrying protest posters and insults, Masa called Netanyahu the biggest disaster for Israel. According to the Times of Israel, the number of people attending was much higher than in the last few weeks. When only tens to hundreds of people gather. Until this action became the largest ever recorded in Israel’s history during the war with Hamas in Gaza.

Meletus said that this was an illustration of how angry Israeli citizens were with Netanyahu’s government. Apart from the Tel Aviv area, similar demonstrations also took place around Netanyahu’s residence in Caesarean. Plus, people also gathered in front of Israeli President Isak Herzok’s house in Jerusalem.

They demonstrated demanding the return of more than 100 prisoners still being held in Gaza.