The Death Toll From Japan's Massive Earthquake Rose To 92 In Central Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture

The Death Toll From Japan’s Massive Earthquake Rose To 92 In Central Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture

The death toll from Japan’s massive earthquake rose to 92 in Central Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture. Meanwhile, the number of people who have not been found is still 242 people. a series of earthquakes measuring up to 7.6 on the richer scale struck the Prefecture and surrounding areas on Monday.

The strong main earthquake followed by hundreds of aftershocks injured more than 300 people in the prefecture. Suzu City and Waji City in the Prefecture suffered the most damage. At least 750 people had been isolated in 29 districts as of Thursday morning. Rainy weather on Wednesday hampered rescue operations and road clearing work.

Japan’s meteorological agency warned that the rain could increase the risk of subsequent disasters such as landslides. The Defense Ministry said an area of ​​at least 100 hectares in Ishikawa was flooded by tsunami waves following the earthquake.