The Presidential Elections In Russia From March 15th To 17th, 2024 Proceeded Smoothly With No Significant Issues

The presidential elections in Russia from March 15th to 17th, 2024 proceeded smoothly with no significant issues. The 71-year-old incumbent, Vladimir Putin, emerged as the winner, despite opposition groups raising the issue of the Ukrainian war to pressure Putin. Being a former KGB officer, Putin is known for his systematic thinking and has been able to navigate various global changes as President of Russia. Putin remains popular among the Russian people, with statistics showing that 86% of the public support his performance, which is only slightly lower than the 88% when he first took office in 2000.While the United States views Putin as an autocrat and even a war criminal who has enslaved Russia in a corrupt dictatorship, Putin’s popularity among the Russian people has remained strong. This is evident from the high level of support he has received, which shows that he has been able to capitalize on the issue of war ahead of the election.

Putin takes pride in Russia’s success on the battlefield and has been able to prove that the Russian economy has remained resilient despite being impacted by western sanctions and being cut off from major global markets. Russia’s economic performance has been moving from the market, expanding self-sufficiency while fostering new trade relations. In 2023, Russia recorded an economic growth of up to 3.6%, which surpassed the United States’ achievement of 3.3%. It is estimated that Russia’s economic performance will continue to grow this year, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The defense industry, which accounts for 10% of GDP, has been acting as the main growth engine, working around the clock to produce tank missiles and ammunition, thanks to a significant increase in government spending.

Other sectors such as the steel industry have also benefited, and war has become a means for Russia to stimulate its economy.Indonesian observers view Putin as a person who thinks systematically and has been involved in various changing points in the world as President of Russia. Putin’s goal of making Russia like the Soviets has been the ability to create western pressure on Russia like a boomerang to get around sanctions. Russia has survived through multilateral cooperation such as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and domestically, it is supported by Russia’s current economic conditions and the amount of support from Russian citizens. Putin’s influence has only increased over time, and at the UN, Russia has firmly established itself as an alternative power to compete with the United States, England, and France.