The resolution for a ceasefire was approved with the US abstaining from voting

The ratification of the UN Security Council resolution, which hasn’t received much attention in the realm of international organizations, has finally been achieved. The resolution, supported by 14 out of the 15 Security Council members, calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of Sandra.

On Friday, the draft resolution proposed by the US failed to be passed after being vetoed by Russia and China. Palestinian representatives responded positively to the passing of this resolution. Choosing to abstain from voting this time, rather than veto, drew anger from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As a result, Netanyahu canceled his team’s visit, which was supposed to be held at the White House to discuss the option of a ground attack on Rafah. This decision was regretted by a number of US officials.

Meanwhile, Israel’s defense minister, who is on a separate visit to Washington, also expressed his objection to the US government’s call to continue objecting to the ground offensive on Rafah. In addition to facing international isolation at the UN forum, the Joe Biden administration’s support for Israel has recently sparked domestic opposition, including from Biden’s own party. 65% support a ceasefire, and during the same period, 76% of Democratic party members supported it.