The Resolution Of The Nuclear Arms Race In Space Over Russia’s Veto Has Something To Hide

The Resolution of the Nuclear Arms Race in Space Over Russia’s Veto Has Something to Hide. Russia vetoed a UN resolution sponsored by the United States and Japan, calling on all countries to prevent a dangerous nuclear arms race in outer space.

Russia’s rejection was conveyed at a session which took place on Wednesday, April 24 2024. The results of the vote at the Security Council regarding the prevention of nuclear weapons were supported by 13 countries, and opposed by Russia.

Meanwhile, China chose to abstain. Russia’s UN ambassador said the resolution was unreasonable and politicized. The resolution does not go far enough to ban all types of nuclear weapons in space. A nuclear weapon into orbit is something that has never happened. He also asked all parties to take responsibility together to ensure that other countries do not take such dangerous steps. In this vote, Russian President Vladimir Putin was said to have no intention of deploying nuclear weapons in outer space. but Russia raises questions about what its government might be hiding.