The Strengthening Relations between China and Russia: The Role of China in the Global War

There are increasing concerns among US military and defense officials about the strengthening relationship between China and Russia. It is believed that the two countries are trying to challenge western unity which could change the balance of power on the world stage. Commander of US forces in the Indo Pacific region, Admiral John Aquilino, has warned that the development of relations between Beijing and Moscow could lead to the most dangerous conditions in the last 40 years. He believes that these relations were deliberately created to counter the expansion of the US alliance with its regional allies.

Furthermore, North Korea and Iran are showing signs of expanding cooperation to supply weapons to Russia for the war in Ukraine. Admiral Aquilino emphasized that this issue should be of concern to the whole world. Pentagon officials describe China and Russia as two different countries. The United States sees China’s military as increasingly strong and capable of posing a challenge, while Russia’s actions are viewed as a threat.

Since the presence of new actors, Aquilino describes the relationship between China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran as a new axis of evil, and he emphasizes that these countries will become a new threat. He asks all parties to act appropriately. Assistant Secretary of the Indo Pacific Department of Defense II Ratner also shares the view that developments in the situation occurring in Europe and the Indo Pacific are increasingly related. Ratner explains that stopping Ukraine will directly strengthen efforts to prevent war in the Indo Pacific region. He warns that there are losses and consequences of the war that occurred.