The U23 Asian Cup Match Between The Indonesian U23 National Team VS South Korea U23 Will Be Filled With Indonesian Supporters

The U23 Asian Cup Match Between The Indonesian U23 National Team VS South Korea U23 Will Be Filled With Indonesian Supporters

The U23 Asian Cup match between the Indonesian U23 National Team VS South Korea U23 will be filled with Indonesian supporters. This is the first time in the history of the Asian Cup where two Ginseng Country coaches will clash tactically to prove who is the greatest. In the next match, coach Hang, who is the coach of the South Korean national team, and coach Shin Tae Yong, who is in charge of the Indonesian national team, will challenge their own country.

Qatari media also predicts that tickets for Indonesia versus South Korea will be sold out. Moreover, Indonesia is the birthplace of coach Shin Tae Yong. Indonesian supporters with excitement will fill the stadium which is the venue for the match between the Indonesian National Team U23 vs the South Korean National Team U23 early Friday morning, West Indonesia Time.

Currently there are around 39,000 Indonesian citizens in Qatar who live there. Plus Indonesian supporters who deliberately came from their homeland to Qatar, especially to support the Garuda Muda squad.

We must thank the thousands of Indonesian fans who continue to support Garuda directly to this day. The Indonesian national team is like playing at home because many supporters live in Qatar and they are fanatical about the Indonesian national team.

The Qatari media always covers the Indonesian national team supporters. They were amazed by the totality of Garuda supporters who never stopped supporting their proud team. Behind that, you can also see that many students are having fun when Indonesia plays against Australia. This recording also went viral on social media, even though they couldn’t come directly to Qatar, the enthusiasm of the students was extraordinary. They continue to support Garuda as strongly as possible from outside the field.

Indonesia U23 vs South Korea U23 is the most anticipated match for millions of people. Indonesia U23 National Team’s match against South Korea in the quarter-finals at the Abdullah Bin Khalifa stadium. This match will be held on Friday 26 April at 00.30 West Indonesia Time.

The Indonesian U23 national team itself qualified for the quarter-finals with runner up status in group A. The team made by Shin Tae Yong in the group stage played three matches with one loss and two wins. In the first match, the Indonesian U23 national team lost to hosts Qatar with a score of 0-2.

In the second match, the Indonesian U23 National Team won 1-0 over Australia. And finally the Indonesian U23 National Team won 4-1 over Jordan. This match ensured that the Indonesian U23 National Team would qualify and meet South Korea as winners of Group B. Behind that, Shin Tae Yong would prepare his team well against the team from his home country. “After watching the Japan vs South Korea match, I will prepare the team well according to my needs.” Said Shin Tae Yong.

What is interesting and anticipated about this match is because all the well-known media in Asia will highlight the Indonesia vs South Korea match, where the coaches both come from South Korea.