The United States Will Send Humanitarian Aid To Gaza For The First Time By Air

The United States Will Send Humanitarian Aid To Gaza For The First Time By Air

The United States will send humanitarian aid to Gaza for the first time by air. This was conveyed by United States President Joe Biden on Friday 1 March 2024. This announcement came a day after the incident of Israeli troops shooting at Palestinians who were waiting for aid.

Biden said that aid deliveries would be made in the coming days. However, Biden did not explain further regarding sending aid to Gaza. Biden only emphasized that the United States would do more to help the Palestinians.

“And we need to do more and the United States will do more in the coming days. We’re going to join with our friends and Jordan and others some frighting airdrops of additional food and supplies into Ukraine and seek to continue to open up other avenues “into Ukraine including Possibility of a Marine Charter to deliver large amounts of humanitarian assistance,” Biden said in his press conference.

Other countries including Jordan and France also sent aid to Gaza by air. Meanwhile at the White House, spokesman John Kirby emphasized that this air assistance was not just a one-off, but ongoing.

The first delivery will most likely be ready-to-eat food. The US military is also considering the possibility of a maritime corridor to channel large amounts of aid to Gaza. United States officials added that air deliveries could begin as early as this weekend.

The UN’s coordinating ministry for humanitarian affairs revealed that at least 576,000 people in the Gaza Strip are on the verge of starvation. Medics say children are dying in hospitals from malnutrition and dehydration. Many Gaza residents are even forced to eat animal feed and cacti to survive. This is due to obstruction of entry for humanitarian aid due to Israel’s very complicated security inspections.