There Are Allegations That Mossad Agents Are Present In Iran. The Middle East Conflict Is Heating Up

There Are Allegations That Mossad Agents Are Present In Iran. The Middle East Conflict Is Heating Up

There are allegations that Mossad agents are present in Iran. The Middle East conflict is heating up. The radar system near Iran’s secret nuclear site was reportedly badly damaged by last week’s Israeli attack near Isfahan. The attack was said to have actually targeted the launch of a Russian-made S300 anti-aircraft missile.

Analysts saw the attack as a warning to Iran about Israel’s capabilities. This is the New York Times report quoting a senior lecturer at Clemson University in the United States, Dr Aras Azizi. Azizi assesses that the operational target at the air base near Isfahan is very important, because the base is the main source of air defense support and all nuclear installations in the province.

Meanwhile, Alexander Greenberg, an Iran expert at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, said Israel’s choice and targeting in itself shows the presence of Mossad in Iran. According to him, the attack carried the message that Israel could attack Iranian territory anywhere, considering that Isfahan is relatively far from the center of Iran.

And Iran knows exactly where they can attack. Alexander said it made sense that Iran had not confirmed that its air base was attacked, while Dagos, a non-presidential senior researcher at the Atlantic Council, said that the Israeli attack involved small helicopters and small drones. This was most likely launched from within Iran. This will highlight another example where the Mossad was present on the ground and how Iran became its playing field.

It is known that Israel has long been believed to have carried out sabotage operations in Iran through the Mossad espionage agency. Like the death of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist who was killed using a machine gun that was remotely controlled. According to some Iranian media, Israeli agents even arrested and interrogated the IRGC to obtain intelligence information.