There Are Concerns About Exchanging Money Ahead Of Eid In Indonesia That There Will Be Counterfeit Money

There Are Concerns About Exchanging Money Ahead Of Eid In Indonesia That There Will Be Counterfeit Money. It seems that there is little interest in exchanging money via “mining-inning” these days. This may be due to the higher prices and the presence of counterfeit money. As a result, fewer people are using unofficial money exchange services, also known as “mining.” With Eid approaching, these services have become busier, but recently their presence has started to decrease. Some people find it difficult to obtain new denominations and fewer people are using the usual “inang” services. For example, Jalan Raya Kalimalang in East Jakarta used to be busy, but now it’s quiet, with only a handful of people exchanging money on Thursday afternoons.

Yes, there are advantages to not selling because it’s seasonal, oh times a year, but this year the onset is decreasing, is it decreasing or decreasing, yes, decreasing, decreasing per day, usually e How many people are there, but there are still a lot of coots, but this is usually hand-held like this. It’s quiet. Unofficial or inning-and money exchange services are often an option for residents to be able to exchange small and new denominations for the Eid greeting tradition, which once had a lot of mining fans. -Inang Gerapraup makes a 10% profit from every money exchange recently. In addition to the higher prices, there are quite a few naughty people who mix it with fake money, reducing people’s interest in exchanging money in this unofficial service in the period leading up to Eid. Bank Indonesia is indeed intensifying the process of exchanging new money to prevent people from exchanging money.

Money in unofficial places in several cities, in North Kalimantan, enthusiastic residents exchange money at Bank Indonesia cash vans in the parking lot of the Baitul Izzah Mosque, Taragan. IDR 20,000 denominations IDR 10,000 IDR 5,000 and IDR 2,000 are the choice of residents 900 900 What denomination will it be taken for? What are the plans for it? So all this time it’s been a difficult search. Bank Indonesia, North Kalimantan, has prepared 817 billion in new money which will be distributed to four districts and cities. In addition to exchanging new denominations, we have also prepared e00 milli as a place to replace damaged money.

KH for Sekaltara Sekaltara is the biggest, sir, the biggest is of course in Tarakan, yes, because it has the most occupation, but God willing, based on our calculations, this has increased by around 4%. If I’m not mistaken, from last year, I hope it will be enough this year, that BI will officially increase The amount of cash that can be exchanged by the public for Ramadan needs is 4 million. Previously, the maximum exchange limit was only R3.8 million. One package that could be exchanged consisted of 100 IDR 1,000 notes and 200 IDR 5,000 notes. 100 shares Rp. 100,000 100 shares Rp. 20,000 50 shares and Rp. 50,000 20 shares Coventry aurora Muliaadi Abdillah Reporting for next