Tiktok Will Be Closed In The US If It Doesn't Divest To Companies In This Country

Tiktok Will Be Closed In The US If It Doesn’t Divest To Companies In This Country

Tiktok Will Be Closed In The US If It Doesn’t Divest To Companies In This Country. TikTok content creators demonstrated in front of the Capital Building as the US House of Representatives passed a bill requiring TikTok parent company Byte Dance from China to divest to a US company. If this short video application wants to continue operating in America. The US is concerned that the personal data of its citizens will be vulnerable if it is stored in China without being stored in the US itself. This could be propaganda using the personal data of US citizens as said by Republican US senator Mitt Romney.

The White House supports this move. TikTok says the bill threatens freedom of expression, while denying that its app threatens the security of its users. | Meanwhile, China warned that the TikTok restriction bill would deter other foreign companies. This threat of banning TikTok has again focused attention on US relations with China. In the United States, TikTok has at least 150 million users. Making it the country with the largest TikTok users. Followed by Indonesia with 126 million users.

This TikTok ban bill will be discussed in the Senate before being made into law by the President of the United States. Although quite a few Senators have stated that they support TikTok’s divestment from Byte Dance. However, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he would not rush to determine the bill’s fate. | Support came from Democratic Senators, President Joe Biden’s party colleagues, as well as the Republican opposition party. Meanwhile, other Senators want a bill that is broader in scope. TikTok itself has been banned on cell phones from the federal government and a number of local governments in the US. But if Byte Dance doesn’t sell TikTok and is ultimately banned, then the ban will also apply to citizens’ personal cellphones.

TikTok is a very booming social media in the United States with the largest number of users, namely around 150 million users, which has had a big impact on the country. The influence of TikTok is also very large for American society. Especially approaching the United States Election. Tiktok can be the most effective campaign for the buzzers of each presidential candidate’s supporters. | It is not impossible to look at Indonesia, TikTok has opened the eyes of many Indonesians who can have a big influence in providing interesting content and biodata for presidential candidates. Even the ins and outs and daily life of a presidential candidate can be turned into an interesting campaign that allows Tiktok users to understand the deepest ins and outs about their presidential candidate.

Not only that, TikTok content can also become a buzzer that can bring down presidential candidates with content that also provides negative value for presidential candidates. That’s why TikTok is the most effective campaign for presidential elections. In fact, the biggest votes come from TikTok users whose notes are young people and famous influencers who have a big influence in American society.