Two Spanish Women Introduce How To Make Robots And 3D Design On The YouTube Channel

Two Spanish Women Introduce How To Make Robots And 3D Design On The YouTube Channel

Two Spanish women introduce how to make robots and 3D design on the YouTube channel. valpat steam is a YouTube channel owned by Patricia and Valeria. Today they are going to make a golf playing robot. A simple robot made to function simply too. How to? For this reason, people must know the basics of robotics and sensor techniques. Robots have signal senders and receivers.

The signal is sent using ultrasonic frequencies. The signal hits an object so it is reflected. From the time it takes for the echo to return… you can calculate how far away the object is. Several years ago they founded a special YouTube channel for children… and this channel is already very famous in Spain. They also received several awards, including from well-known economic magazines.

They co-produce videos that teach robotics, three-dimensional design and artificial intelligence. And they’ve made a tree-climbing robot… solar powered. Technology is really fun for girls too, not just for boys. We have to learn, to be ready for the future. Since childhood, starting at the age of 6, he has been interested in robots. and his colleagues have been trying to bring girls closer to science and technology for years. Then one day they got to know each other. They admire successful women and serve as role models.

For example, actress and creator Hedy Lamarr. Without him, there is no internet connection. Then there was this Spanish researcher, inventor of the mechanical encyclopedia. Even though there has been progress, there are still many girls… who don’t get enough support if they are interested in natural sciences. According to European statistics, Eurostat, there are still very few women.

Who are involved in research and development. In 2021 in the European Union it will only be 33.7%. Parents often do not encourage their daughters. Into the natural sciences. Many girls are afraid of this field, because it is always called a boys’ field. Their YouTube channel is popular especially in Latin America.

Girls there have little access to education. But they also have advice for all kids everywhere. People can make mistakes and it is important to learn from their mistakes. And the rest is diligence and perseverance, they say.