Ukraine Risks A Serious Economic Downturn In 2024

Ukraine Risks A Serious Economic Downturn In 2024

Ukraine risks a serious economic downturn in 2024. Due to the war against Russia. Finance Minister Serhi Marcenko told Politiko that Ukraine’s economic decline is inevitable in 2024. According to him, it can only be prevented if Ukraine’s supporters in the west raise enough funds to cover the large budget shortfall.

Ukraine’s condition finally received a response from members of the United States council who announced a 2024 spending agreement to prevent the collapse of the government. Reported from The Kift Independent on Monday 8 January 2024, United States lawmakers have reached a preliminary spending agreement to fund the Ukrainian government for the rest of 2024.

This funding from the United States is considered the first step to avoid a government shutdown which is expected to occur in less than 2 weeks. The Hill reported on January 7 that key funding figures were not included in Ukraine’s additional spending request.

But bipartisan senators have negotiated a special deal to combine policy changes on borders and immigration with military funding to Kyift. The agreement and negotiations at the United States Senatorial level are a sign that both the Democratic and Republican parties are willing to negotiate.

It is also a bright spot for Ukraine, which has so far relied on fiscal and military support from the United States and NATO allies to defend itself against Russian attacks. Meanwhile president Vlodimir zelinsky in Kyift said his plans were to reduce government spending.

Zelenski said the new mobilization effort required significant funds so he was trying to reduce government spending as much as possible. doc. world news