Villages In Pakistan Still Receive Lighting Even Though There Are No Lights

Villages In Pakistan Still Receive Lighting Even Though There Are No Lights

This is Lahman Kochli, one of the few energy self-sufficient villages in Pakistan. In the past, this village did not have access to electricity. However, thanks to the Off Grid Solar Power Plant (PLTS), village residents no longer worry about electricity sources. Lachman Kohli, about 500 kilometers north of Karachi, is a remote village not connected to the electricity grid. Until recently, residents still lit fires using wood for lighting at night. However, now they meet their energy needs with solar power.

Walima’s daily routine is usually working in the fields, looking after animals, and doing household tasks. For him, the day ends when the sun sets. Now the family has a stable source of electricity. Walima, who has three children, can make traditional pottery at home, even after sunset. This job is a source of extra income which is much needed.

Pakistan’s energy sector is highly dependent on fossil fuels, 64% of energy sources are produced from imported oil, gas and coal. Skyrocketing energy prices and power outages due to irregular transmission are also major problems. However, Pakistan wants to explore the clean energy sector. Nearly 100 million people in the country do not have proper access to electricity, especially in rural areas. For example, this village is owned by a landowner, and the residents earn their living by working in the fields.

Thanks to ongoing initiatives from the NGO Heritage Foundation Pakistan, dozens of families here have free, round-the-clock access to energy. Once photovoltaic panels are installed, another challenge is maintenance. Dust on solar panels can also affect their performance. However, these NGOs have independent solutions ready. They train local young technicians to perform routine maintenance on solar power installations. In this village, renewable energy produces electricity which has a social impact.

Now villagers often gather at night to continue their work. The temporary elementary school in this village also benefits from Off Grid PLTS electricity supply. Parents send their children to school at night because during the day many children work in the fields to help their parents. Solar power installations make a huge difference in the lives of the residents of this village. Could something like this be implemented where you live? Or do you know of a community or individual who has found a better solution? Come on, share the information in the comments column!